Tire pressure rim limits...confused with new HED wheels

I’m sure there are lots of folks here smarter than me so I wanted to see if you could help. I recently purchased a set of the wheels noted below, and they came with a sticker noting a maximum pressure of 60 psi for 32 mm tires, while the chart on the website shows 70 psi. There are similar differences for other widths. These would have been my everyday road wheels (lots of rough roads around me!) an as a bigger rider I’d want to run my 32mm tires probably 67/70 give or take. I can’t get an answer from HED after reaching out several times, so I either need to take a chance or return them and find something more suitable.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!

These kinds of specs aren’t that precise. I bought some stans iron cross wheels and I was surprised to learn after the fact that they have a 50psi limit. And this was after using them at 60psi for a year.

If your tires go on tight (like a tubeless), I wouldn’t worry about 7-10 psi. You might try lower though. I eventually realized that 60 psi was pretty hard on a 40mm tire. I now do 45/50 on the road and 28/30on gravel.


Back when I was doing product development work on bikes, tire / rim psi limits were 1/2 of the pressure needed to blow a tire off the rim. So if a tire blew off a rim at 100 psi, the limit was set at 50 psi.

Now, I don’t know if that is still the case today, but I would be surprised if it has changed much. If so, I wouldn’t worry too much about an extra 10 psi.


@Power13 Ok that makes sense!! I was wondering if the limits were due to blow off concerns or due to potentially damaging the rim. I don’t plan to ride 32mm at 120psi lol

@AJS914 Thanks for the tips!! I definitely will need to play with the pressures a bit but I was worried their might be a hard ceiling.