Tire nerds, suggest me a new XC tire to try!

My bike came with Specialized Fast Trax (29), but at my home courses (really the only place I ride), I have a hard time maintaining traction when climbing over roots and avoiding sliding over patches of clay, especially when wet. Can someone suggest to me a tire that would have a bit more bite in these areas? Maybe Ground Controls?

I would even be open to some fast and light trail tires, since I don’t really race that often.

love my Ray and Ralph for muddy slippy Irish conditions


Ground Control has more grip than Fast Trak.


I have some new Roval Control Carbon wheels with 29mm internal. I’m going to start out with the new Fast Trak 2.35 front and Renegade 2.35 rear. I love the Renegade on the rear…not sold on the Fast Trak front yet. I don’t use inserts…am able to run low pressures without worry of pinch flats on my trails.

Can you please share your exp with fast trak on front and renegede on rear?

Currently I ride Ikons in 2,35 but thinking to move to this combo

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I tried the 2.35 Ikon, but on narrow 22mm rims, and I didn’t like them. The Ikon would let go on the front without any warning. It may have been the narrow rims that didn’t support the sidewalls well. Now I’m on 29mm rims but haven’t tried anything on them but the Fast Track front and Renegade rear, which I like a lot.

Would I like the 2.35 Ikon on the 29mm rims? Maybe, but I have no desire to try them again.

I’m sure there are faster rolling setups, but I really like my combo of Forekaster 2.35 F, with Ardent Race 2.35 R. I have NOBL TR32 rims (27mm ID front, 26mm rear.)

I also just got a Chisel with the Fast Traks Control version. These are a rolling resistance shit show. They were 718 gram, while the website listed 640(?) for the retail 29x2.3, so they are probably not the same thing. They hold air well though, probably good for an occasional use bike.

I slapped on a set Conti crossking/raceking protection. These roll a LOT better and were 100gr light per end, but these aren’t as durable. Not a well as a broken in Terra Speed though. Haven’t tried using them for anything.

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I use raceking rear crossking front. Both of these tires are predictable which I love in a tire. They don’t just let go.

I find not a lot is dependable over wet roots and to adjust technique for getting over them quickly works best. Strong fitness. And low tire pressure.

Which size and version?

I have had a good experience riding 2.4" Maxxis Ardents, good balance between trail and faster rolling tyres

2.35 Control T5