Time of workout effect on HR

I done a morning workout today, not super early I woke up had some breakfast let it sit for an hour then jumped on the bike. During the warm up and intervals I noticed my HR was about 10-15bpm higher than I would expect for the effort. I have noticed this the few times when I work out in the AM what would be the reasoning for this?
I normally work out about 4:30pm after a 9 hour shift in work and would think the 9am rides would feel easier but I seem to struggle with them.
Is this a common thing? and anything I can do to try and feel fresher on morning rides? I had a really good sleep before so wasn’t tired

Back when I rode my bike TO work (I took a bus home) I would occasionally ride home. I found it shockingly easier to do. My only real thought was it’s called break(fast) for a reason. In the afternoon I’m topped up with fuel (after jamming kcals into my maw all day). In the morning not so much. I had coffee, and no blood sugar or glycogen. :smiley:

That’s the best I have. :smiley:

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