Time for new shoes?

While i spare no money in top brand jerseys,jackets or bibs, these old faithfuls have been with me since 2012. Yeah they are in top conditions as I’ve spent a considerable amount of time between mtb and gravel and road ( just road now), but sometimes I’m afraid they may somehow crumble or rip apart. They’re the Mega version and I wouldn’t wear anything else but a wide shoe. I own the 3 boas mtb version and I’ve beated them for 4 years on gravel, they’re still mint.
What you say ?

I am on shoes from 2012 also and spent the last 2-years trying to find another shoe I like as they are not made anymore.

Ive made the decision that im most likely going to just ride my current ones until the literally explode (and yes they are getting rough) and then deal with it later haha.


Look fine to me

Get some running shoes instead :eyes:

I retired into storage recently a pair of shimano road cycling shoes I got for Christmas 2012 or 13. They were my best shoes for about 3 or 4 years during my higher mileage years, then they became my commuting shoes. Id still be using them but my current commute has too much train transfer/ walking so I got new mtb shoes for the past Christmas. So they are still sitting there as an emergency back up and I would have no hesitation using them again if I had too, They are very comfortable shoes and the cleats suit my knees too. If your shoes are comfortable @Derp give the upper look in good condition Id continue to wear them.

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I’ve got shoes older than that….if they are in good shape and they are comfortable, don’t mess with it, IMO.


I am pretty much the opposite, I like to have multiple pairs of shoes that I can rotate. Especially after a wet or muddy ride it is nice to have another pair of shoes for the ride next day. And because I ride mtb and gravel as well as road, I have multiple shoes for each discipline. Also, as I ride in a country with a real winter, I also need to have winter shoes. So, I have quite a lot of shoes. :smile: