Roubiax SL8 w/ mechanical Tiagra or 2020 Roubaix w/ DI2 Ultegra

Which bike should I buy?

Could you share links to what you’re looking at? Personally I would probably go for the 2020 with ultegra, unless you’re planning to upgrade components yourself bit by bit

Nothing wrong with Tiagra. Kind of depends on what you’re using it for?

I’ll try and attach links when I get home tonight. Wouldn’t be upgrading parts in the near future. Looking to replace a 2015 Roubaix SL4 that has mechanical Ultegra and looks like budget allows either of those 2 options. I like to do long endurance rides with lots of climbing. Hoping to do LoToJa this year.

My first good bike in 2019 had Tiagra, and my current road bike is a 2021 Roubaix Expert with 11 speed Ultegra Di2. Tiagra was fine (front derailleur was always a little finicky and my LBS could never get it right) but Ultegra Di2 has been flawless. Granted, the newer bike will have a warranty and a bit more tire clearance, but I think the 2020 is the better choice if it’s in good shape and the price is right.

Here are the links of what looks like will be what I need to choose between given my budget.

yea, it seems like everyone that has DI2 says it’s the best way to go.


Di2 all day, every day! :slight_smile:

I’ve had the 2020 Roubaix and it’s a fantastic bike.

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I would only consider the Roubaix Di2 if you can get it in gray. Those other colors are hideous.

I’d go the 2020 with Di2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tiagra but at this point I hate doing anything below 105.

I just ordered a new road bike and had this challenge as a lot of bikes in the $3k range were specced with tiagra.

Since these are box bike builds, do you know if the bars, seat, and other fit-related parts work for you?

If yes, go for the Di2; it’s really nice.

If no and you won’t have new budget within the next few months, you may be better off getting the less expensive model and using the remaining budget to make it your own.

Some people also take off unused parts and sell to offset the replacement cost. Extra work but may be worth it.

I think you have a few options here beyond an either-or approach.

Thanks everyone! I have a serial number of a bike I am considering. I was hoping I could use it to confirm exactly what year and model it is, and to make sure it isn’t fake. I tried looking on Specialized’s web site, but that doesn’t work. Anyone know of a way to do that?