Thoughts on geometry for a new road bike

Hey all,

Need some insights from geometry experts. I’m scoping out a new endurance-ish road frame and wanted to get some insight into how these potential frames compare in the real world, as well as how big of a delta these differences really are.

Bike on the far left is my current very comfortable frame, and the next three columns are two potential bikes. I am leaning toward size M in bike A as I don’t think I want to stretch out further, but both listed for clarity:

Things I like: High speed stability, good turn in, and a general feeling of lightness in the handling. I am aware these may be at odds with each other. :slight_smile:

Of those 3 choices, I would say A (med) is your worst option. The stack is significantly lower than your current bike, so you will have a stack of spacers.

Bike B seems to be the one that will best meet your handling characteristics, particularly the ugh speed stability (lower BB, longer wheelbase).

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Noted, thanks. FWIW, I could go lower on my current bike, I think, it just sorta is what it is right now. I think most frames are going to be a drop in stack, as it’s a very endurance-geo frame.

I would be hard pressed to see a difference from your current frame to bike A. But bike B is modern endurance geo and its going to have slower handling and better stability. Honestly I would test ride it and bring your current bike to see if you like it.