Thoughts on approach to intervals

Thanks for the clarification. And just for my curiosity, you don’t receive any input from TR on how you should handle posts that may be a bit contrary or critical of TR’s approach to training?

  • Nope.

  • The only direction I’ve ever really gotten from them is to leave the Coach Chad topic alone when that blew up. I made a mistake in understanding early there by merging a topic (not deleting or censoring like one claimed). But I acknowledged that mistake and let it roll from there.

  • Outside of that, TR doesn’t have me doing any particular handling of topics whether they be complimentary or critical of TR. A few looks at the many harsh topics around (and the fact that they continue to exist) should be decent evidence that they aren’t pruning themselves or having me do it either.

  • To be honest, I have cut back on my “moderator” duties and overall time here greatly in the last 6-9 months. I leave anything even remotely messy to TR reps to handle now. I mute topics that are of no interest or more contentious than I care to see. Essentially, I am far less involved and connected than many years ago.


Not sure how new you are around here, but I would say about 30%-40% of the posts/topics on training are critical of TR’s approach. They’ve never done anything to curb it that I’ve ever seen.

There have been topics that have basically said “TR is a waste of money” and they don’t get deleted.

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Probably 75% of what I post here could be construed as “critical” of TRs approach in some way but I have never been approached in any way by TR. So not really a valid suspicion at all IMO.

That said, I often say I think TR is a great value for what it is and have steered athletes to it who seemed more suited to TR than individual (relatively high volume) coaching.


Well thanks - that’s cool that you do all this for free.

I don’t think it’s effective forum communication to call someone else’s thoughts “not valid.”

I challenged your idea (specifically stated in forum policies) based on extensive experience on this forum saying things critical of TR. :beers:


I have.

C’mon man…you made veiled (and not so veiled) accusations at Chad and the TR team re: content moderation here and then try and say others critiquing your suspicions is “not valid”?

One of the charter rules in the forum is critique the idea, not the person. Kurt critiqued your idea, nothing more.


Because you were critical of TR’s product or training philosophy?

What idea? It was a question I asked the moderator to clarify my perception of bias. He answered my question. If I had stated that the moderator was biased, I might agree w/ your use of terms. Not trying to be difficult.

I don’t know what you meant by this, then. Seemed to be you implying TrainerRoad felt threatened by your post critical of them. I have posted hundreds of things here contrary to what TR does, and have never had any indication they feel threatened by that, nor have any of my posts been moderated, nor have I been approached by Chad or any TR rep to change the content of my posts. So the “suspicion” seemed invalid to me.

I am keen to just let this go from here.

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For the record, when I take on moderator actions I include something along the lines of “Moderator Note” in the comment.

Outside of that, my comments are mine with no direction from TR unless noted otherwise.

From the post above I thought Chad was just a forum member like me. I wouldn’t think he’s doing this for free. My “suspicion confirmed” is that Chad was actually associated w/ TR and was not just a dude like me.

He’s really not…he acts a volunteer mod on the board. That is it. he has made his role very clear and it has never been a secret anyway.


You want to have the last word? Chad is “associated” w/ TR - not employed by TR - he’s the forum moderator of TR’s Forum - someone at TR gave him this role. I am a random dude - I am not associated w/ TR in any way. We straight on meaning?

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Nope, it is all yours. Have at it.


I was actually going to say what you typed! If I’m in the right headspace and recovered and ready to go, I’m HUNGRY to crush intervals. If you aren’t hungry for it, the watts will most likely suffer come # 3 4 or 5…

we don’t need the AI for this one lol :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I must know more! :eyes: :popcorn:

Call me old fashioned but I was taught not to kiss & tell :shushing_face: