The sad implosion of Cyclingtips :( (new title to reflect the max exodus)

I’ll miss having my little “ask a mechanic” jingle on the nerd alert podcast. I still have a fresh set of gp5000s James huang sent me for that iPhone recording! :laughing: my tiny claim to (not actual) fame


That’s real fame. Loved that song! Maybe you can write them a jingle for the new pod.

“Disc brakes and rim brakes,
Sealants and chain lube
Aaaaask a mechanic!”


@velopiano, I am pretty sure you own the copyright!

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Seems as though the laid off staff can start a podcast and a subscription based site called Alpha Echelon……

I’d pay and listen.

After all, I had a subscription for CyclingTips and never used it. The lay offs reminded me to cancel.

I’d be happy to sign up for a new site and support those impacted.


“Tubs, tubes and tubeless, we’re all utterly clueless. Ask a mechanic!”


And now Abby Mickey is out….JFC, what a mess. Outside can’t even communicate to their employees what is going on.

Well I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write these words but…I will no longer work at CyclingTips as of the new year. Devastated hardly covers it but I can’t continue to work at CT. After weeks of no communication or organization and mixed messages from our parent company, for my own health, I had to make an impossible decision.

Freewheeling has always been more than a podcast to me. It was my first baby and watching it grow has been an absolute privilege. We still have three episodes left. [@gracieelvin] interviewed Amanda Spratt and Loren sat down with Jolien D’Hoore for our final two interviews. To close out the year @amylaurenjones put together her famous year end quiz and we had a blast doing math(s). Spoiler alert [@tildsprice] claims bragging rights (to no-one’s surprise.)

I want to thank everyone who helped make Freewheeling what it is. When I retired from cycling I never wanted to watch a race again let alone work in the industry. The team at CyclingTips changed my mind and working with them renewed my love of the sport.

I don’t know what’s next but I know it’s going to be fun. Fourth times a charm?


Oh balls. That was pretty much the last USP of cycling tips. Race reports, tech and all is covered on many sites but Freewheeling was brilliant and not seen elsewhere.


Wow, so they’re down to just James, Ronan, Shoddy Dave, and Amy Jones?

This feels like a game of reverse bingo, with a blackout being the moment when the final OG CT members finally leave the building. Just nuts how this has blown up.

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The lack of communication from Outside’s management is what blows me away…when you make the cuts they made to the senior staff, you need to have a plan in place. Who is in charge, what is the structure, what are the goals, etc.

The fact that the thumbnail for the regular podcast still has Caley’s name and image on it is just mind-boggling to me. Those are the basics of what you do once you cut someone…and here we are weeks later with even the most basic functions not addressed.

And what do you do now if you are Outside? No journalist is going to come work there now and they don’t have enough staff to function. What is the gameplan, Outside?

When people are willing to leave without other jobs lined up, you know everything you need to know about how toxic that place has become. I feel so bad for those still there who don’t have the flexibility to just quit…everyday must be a gut-punch.


A bit too dark for the meme thread but feels appropiate:

It does feel like as an entity Cycling Tips as we knew and love is circling the drain, and speeding up rather quickly.




Wade finally posted on his Substack and included the following:


Welcome to the TR forum, James :smiley:

Sorry it’s not under better circumstances :frowning:


So there’s no confusion, I just want to make it clear that’s a Photoshopped image. At no point did we (or Wade) ever have a branded CT Porsche 911 (although, damn, I wish I did!).


C’mon… you guys were cashing those Big Disc and Internal Routing checks, rolling in the dough like Scrooge McDuck, right? :wink:


Welcome James! We all feel for you. You all gave us so much over the years. It feels like a treasured community has been caught in a fire that is out of control and we can’t do anything to put it out.

Indeed, that and the concurrent collapse of crypto has transformed me overnight from a billionaire into a hundredaire. Tragic.


Henry was wrenching for the DH team. The girl, apologizes for not remembering her name, I think had a bad crash.

If it’s the same person.


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Maybe there is no one left to change that? I’m being semi-serious and semi-facetious here.