The next level of 'speed' clothing

Beware the bulky skin suit :wink:

Interesting idea. Like an E-bike for running. Might have missed it, but I was hoping to see how it affected heart rate and different running paces.

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I only skimmed it so far. It may be worth some more digging to see if there is deeper data to be found.

My sister in law works at Nike. A few weeks ago she was testing a pair of running leggings that functioned a lot like this using compression-like fabric to provide the support. She said that they definitely worked, but were a bit uncomfortable due to the stirrups. From what I saw, it could not be carried over to cycling bibs.

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The NPR article had a link to a research paper published by the team. From the abstract:

We show that a portable exosuit that assists hip extension can reduce the metabolic rate of treadmill walking at 1.5 meters per second by 9.3% and that of running at 2.5 meters per second by 4.0% compared with locomotion without the exosuit. These reduction magnitudes are comparable to the effects of taking off 7.4 and 5.7 kilograms during walking and running

The NPR article stated that the suit weighs ~11 lbs. I wasn’t sure if that was factored into the savings or not. If it’s not, then it’s just above the break even point for energy saved while running, but I would assume they will be looking to improve the technology.

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Indeed, the “cost” of the additional weight must be factored, especially in a case like walking/running where we are supporting all of that load.

Something like this could pay off more for cycling since the weight isn’t necessarily fully supported by the rider in the same way as walking.

The way it is worded, the weight of the suit is factored into the % difference.

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