The Ironman Training 2020 Thread

With IMAZ in Nov, i need a long endurance event in summer. My motivation and training volume are better when i have an event on calendar in coming couple of months; something to bring variety, challenge me so I push myself more and also train my brain to endure more “suffering”. So I decided to sign up for High Cascades 100miles (mid July so 4 months before my ironman).

It will be my first MTB XC marathon. Advice and pointers are welcome.
Anyone has done full distance triathlon and xc marathon in same year ?

Side note: I’ll probably do a few weeks of Specialty XC marathon plan in the weeks before this B race and sprinkle some of these workouts when i can. Plan Builder didn’t suggest changeing my training plan if I set HC100 as a B-race. It changes the whole first half of 2020 if i set it as a A race.