The Doughnut is NOT Done!

@Captain_Doughnutman I have Huxley on the calendar tomorrow - not strictly V02 but with an IF of 0.92 I think it’s in the spirit of the tributes and will surely leave me in the hurt. Now make the most of that Canadian medicine.


In honour of @Captain_Doughnutman I saw the start of recovery week, saw Pettit and did this instead:

Recovery can start now.


To @Captain_Doughnutman


Not only did I eat a donut today (that too from Tim Horton’s), but I also did a VO2Max workout (Mills) at 100-105% intensity:


Jeez Captain! This is so disappointing. I feel for you. I’ve been there. I was off the bike for two years, and it was hard. I had so much of my identity tied up in being a mountain biker. The struggle was physical and physiological. Just take care of yourself and know that you have a community here that is pulling for you. We pray your absence is temporary, and we anxiously await your return.

“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can”
-Jimi Hendrix



Don’t mean to dull the joy of Flanders, just thought I’d throw this out there under cover of night.

From the meeting with my doc and the stress tests info, my understanding of my condition is as follows:

I’ve got (suspected) exercised-induced myocardial ischemia (silent and reversible).

Lotsa words.
Basically, during exercise, part of my heart doesn’t get enough blood or oxygen to meet demand (reversible = returning to normal function during non-exercise; silent = I don’t experience any symptoms, e.g. chest pain). Most likely caused by coronary artery disease/atherosclerosis, which is most likely caused by shitty cholesterol genes. This is also most likely what’s causing my exercise-induced hypertension.

There is some research out there which claims brief intermittent periods (think intervals) of ischemia might not be detrimental (~70-90% for shorter durations, 15-5min), and may even have some protective qualities, but on the whole, are most likely cumulative and cause heart tissue to die (basically a really slo-mo heart attack). Will get a final prognosis (and update) after I see the heart doc in a few weeks.

Until that time – and most likely for good – I’m hanging up the wheels.
Competitively, recreationally…I’m done.

My heart breaks if I ride the bike, my heart breaks if I can’t ride the bike.
Paging Ms. Morissette…

Luckily for me, I live in a cycling hotbed with access to many high level sports people. I’ve taken preemptive measures and started sessions with sports psychologist Dr. Kabush (her brother rides MTB or something) to address forced retirement issues. She’s got her work cut out for her!

I may also have one last delicious parting gift for my fellow Doughnutians in the nearish future.

Until then, be excellent to each other (and yourself!). :sunny::v:


That’s rubbish. Lots of support flowing your way from TR forum but obviously all feel for you. Hope you stick around, but totally understand if want to go cold turkey away from TR!

Stay strong and big man hugs!

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Take some time to research epigenetics, that is how lifestyle (diet, stress, etc) affect how your genes express themselves. You aren’t necessarily doomed by your genes, your genes are somewhat reactive to factors under your control.

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For some reason I thought you lived in Eastern Canada… Take care of yourself and hope you find a way back onto a bike!

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Well this sucks. Best of luck, man.

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Good luck Dougnut!

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Hope things work out well some time down the line.


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Good luck Mr Doughnut - don’t go writing yourself off totally, but definitely take some time away to re-evaluate!

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Ask Dr. Kabush about the Pritkin Diet. It’s supposed to reverse atherosclerotic plaques. I have no direct experience, but I think it’d be worth a shot. I was in a similar place as you in my 50’s. Fortunately my medical situation was reversible.


I think you may have mentioned this elsewhere, but can’t seem to find - was this diagnosed during a routine medical exam? Or were there some specific symptoms that you noticed and decided to ask your doctor about?

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It was an accumulation of factors: got hit by a car ~2 years ago and saw the doc about 4 times in the span of 2 months, earlier issues w/ bronchospasm during winter riding, family history of crappy hearts, previously high cholesterol from a HFLC experiment, over 40, etc, so he ordered a schwack of tests for me (but had zero previous or current symptoms of any cardio problems – I was Mr. VO2, remember!). Both stress tests were aborted due to HRE (hypertensive response to exercise); the nuclear test showing a possible reality.

My choice of future competition modes: curling, sailing, snooker, darts, golf, bowling, ping pong.

Currently researching if Tai Chi has Nat Champ events. :thinking:


You forgot scuba diving. The way for out of shape people to go on an “active” vacation!

Rock climbing. Gives you something to focus on for progression, climbing gradually harder and longer routes. Can train indoors when the weather is crappy. A great reason to go outside when the weather gets better. Similar to cycling! And better if you don’t fall.



This really sucks.

Hang tough. If you can fight through a TR workout with a faulty ticker, you have to be one tough dude. Here’s to you getting the best treatment, and my money’s on you for the Tai Chi Championships.

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This sounds really difficult to handle mentally, and I’m glad you’re talking with someone.
However, I’m definitely glad you’ve learned about this now, rather than with a massive heart attack that is much, much harder to recover from (if even possible). Better to confirm the diagnosis and have that diagnosis now so you can improve your atheroschlerosis. From the little I know of you based on your posts here, you will figure out how improve both your mental and physical health so you can get through this, and you’ll find a new outlet in the meanwhile.

Be excellent to yourself, and know that we’re all here rooting and supporting you through this whole process, regardless of the outcome as it relates to cycling.


FWIW, I’ve long wanted to try out curling. Seems like a hell of a fun “sport” especially if there’s beer.