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Cheers. Its UDi2 according to their hire page.

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There could be a few causes of medial pain, things to consider as well as bringing feet inboard:

Ensure foot is in natural position
Use pedals with less float
Support fore-foot varus
Increase arch support

If you suspect it’s width related is that because you’ve just altered it? Maybe get a mate with a laser line to watch the knee tracking.

Knee tracking is huge for sure. Arch support is often overlooked and canting of the foot. If the arch is caving due to lack of support and also pronating it can load the medial knee.

Get assessed for varus
Check your knee tracking
Are you sitting square on the saddle?
Arch support g2620

So, I tore a meniscus, among other internal damages in March last year. Havent really been back to full fitnes since due to reoccuring issues, some the same, some different.

already had a bikefit, went back a few months ago and he put my cleats all the way in, so my feet were very wide, as well as another wedge under each forefoot 2x Big in inside, alrdy have SIDAS insoles. Felt alright? didn’t feel like it made anything better or worse, I was just going to get fit checked and to set up my speedplays. they did the fit on a set of wahoo rollers and not the full RETUL so it felt a little half assed.

I’m aware bikefit won’t fix my injuries, just trying to get myself in the best place possible. I have a laser level I can use to check tracking. I think when my feet were wide, the knee was caving in at the bottom of the pedalstroke if anything.

@Sushirockstar FYI

The Tarmac came after my gen1 Domane:

which had a much taller stack than the KHS:

to be honest it took the better part of a year to get comfortable on the more aggressive geometry of the Tarmac.

While traveling I’m just riding for consistency. I’ll just focus on stack and reach to rough in the fit for a couple rides.

By the way

All spacers still on the Tarmac, and I never had a problem with the even taller stack on the Domane!

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:rofl: :rofl:

I’m very lucky…almost 57 and I am still damn near slamming my stem (only a 1cm spacer on my TCR).

Figure out how many spacers you have on the Tarmac in MM and then just adjust as necessary for the rental. Sounds like you should be able to replicate your position, jsut with fewer spacers. So if you have 30mm of spacers on the Tarmac, you’ll only need 12mm of spacers on the KHS.

And check the stem length…it will almost certainly be shorter than your Tarmac.


Adding to stem considerations, handlebar reach and even the component group in use (actual grip location on the hood, if different between bikes) can lead to different Functional Reach when all is said & done.

May not matter depending on the time on the bike and goals, but these details get missed on occasion when comparing fits.


likely 2x two-hour rides.

Definitely…also HB width.

I was mostly focusing on the basics as there are likely limited options to swap stuff around on the rental. At best, he may be able to get a different length stem (and maybe not even that).


Yup, not suggesting a bar or hood swap. But if there is enough difference between bar reach in particular, that might mean the stem would be better to head in a different direction than just comparing frame reach and such. No idea here as I haven’t dove into the numbers.

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Recently started doing mobility work, every evening after dinner. Already starting to help with the Tarmac.


The mobility work is great. I started doing it after my last fit. Went from an old Trek5500 to a new Tarmac. Not too much difference to me. However my Steve Hogg approved fitter says my body is quick to adapt to any changes. At 72 I’m not turning stems upside down any more to get lower *_’

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I had MCL pain, right knee, due to my right hip turning outward. A back/nerve problem that almost caused me to lose my thigh muscle was the cause of the hip turning out. I could never get my right knee to track over my foot with out causing pain. It would want to fall outward at the top of the pedal stroke. I did use speedplays for a while but got tired of the walking covers falling off at stop signs. I changed to Dura Ace pedals. Finally, after a lot of messing around, solved this issue by using the long Dura Ace shafted pedals on the right side and angling the cleat so my foot points out a little. Something to think about.