Telluride 100 - 2021

I’m interested in signing up, but haven’t been able to find a ton of information online about the course. Does anyone know the terrain/trails or what to expect? I’m unsure of whether to use a hardtail XC bike or FS XC bike.

Any other thoughts or experiences would be appreciated! I saw that last year’s was a crazy wet and cold race…fingers crossed this year remains a little more weather-friendly.


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Reviving this long-dead thread for any trail info… specifically any recommended tires. I’m guessing FS XC is the move based on the percentage of single track incorporated into the course as well as just taking some of the hurt off of a very long day.

I am signed up for 2022. No experience. Hoping I get lucky with the weather.

I used a 2.3 Fast Trak in front and 2.3 Renegade rear last year, and I’d probably do the same if I was racing this year. There’s a fair amount of fireroad, but there’s enough singletrack and rough fireroad that I wouldn’t go skinny or super thin.

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