Taylor-2 VO2 Max workout

I do those at 110, usually, and my self-selected is in the lower range of yours (around 90+). When I go up to 110, I notice a difference, but I’m sure we all work differently.

Enjoy your new trainer!

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Oh yes! 5rpm more and you’ll be pushing a different hr zone!

Taylor-2 was my first VO2 max workout and I agree; I was looking at the workout description the day before thinking, man that looks hard… I really hope I don’t crash. My post-rides notes were: felt good, challenging, was hard, but how a hard workout should feel.

This has been my favorite part of TrainerRoad. The FTP ramp test seems to have accurately gauged my ability, and the workouts have so far all been within my ability. When the workout starts to become challenging, I can dig in harder knowing that the workouts are programmed for me to be pushed, but ultimately succeed.


Just finished. Had my pc die and did it off a Garmin. Drilled it.

I have a hard time staying in v02…I always trend over so I was worried that I wouldn’t finish but I did.

(Note I used resistance even before the pc crashed vs erg)


Well done, glad it went well! :grinning:


I personally found Taylor-2 & Genadarme +1 really targetted my quads more. I had much more of a burn in those than my lungs


I found the same. The intervals aren’t long enough to ramp the heart rate up fully, but long enough to load the legs with lactate.


I found this workout borderline useless. First set didn’t get me out of endurance HR and breathing wasn’t elevated. Second set cranked to +5% and started to get something out of it, but still wasn’t getting into the VO2 haze that I would expect. Ended up at +9% for the last set and that started to get the response that I expected.

@chad @Bryce Did I adjust correctly? Is my aerobic ramp up too slow and recovery too fast for this workout to work? What are these workouts supposed to look like?

You haven’t posted enough data to allow folks to help you more with a response.

Is your FTP too low?

If you aren’t digging deep to complete VO2 max workouts then something isn’t set up right at your end.

Ramp was last week. WKO4 model is within 2W of my ramp result. I doubt my FTP is 10% off. Sweet Spot feels about right.

As I said:
If you aren’t digging deep to complete VO2 max workouts then something isn’t set up right at your end.

Taylor -2 is super easy for some people:

I get your point, but I’m not sure it should be super easy. I know it is usually one of the first VO2 workouts but still, it should feel like a workout.

The chap said "I found this workout borderline useless. First set didn’t get me out of endurance HR and breathing wasn’t elevated. "

That to me sounds like something is off even it is one of the “easier” VO2 sessions.

I did Taylor -2 a few weeks ago so I don’t recall exactly how I felt.

My HR at the end of set 1 was 160, which is about where I would expect to be at the end of a 10 minute sweet spot interval. For an alleged VO2 max workout, that classes as super easy for me and it seems I am not alone. I wouldn’t expect to be breathing particularly hard at that HR.

I was concerned that I didn’t get the intended training benefit from this workout, to the extent that I replaced most of the rest of the VO2max workouts in SSB LV II.

Instead of Bluebell/Mills/Spencer +2/Pettit I did Baird +2 at 105%/Hurd -2/Spencer +2/Spencer +3.

Likewise. I was at 111% (fat finger adj, aimed for 110) for the final set and heart rate just got into threshold zone. Found Kaweah suitably challenging last week so FTP seems on point - struggling to believe I may be actually good at any one facet of cycling.

While you may very well be a very good VO2 athlete Taylor -2 is not going to be able to confirm that for you. With 30 second work intervals nearly every rider will need to increase the interval % or decrease the rest below 30 seconds to turn this into a challenging VO2 session.

Look for something at 135-140% if you want to stick to 30x30 or if you want to keep it at 120% then 30x10 or 30x15 might be more appropriate

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Just crushing a man’s dreams then…

I ended up @ 130% anyway, was okay. Following SSB MV II so not going chasing extra work to test that 135%+ theory

You’ll know in a few weeks - if you do Spencer +2 and are increasing difficulty on that then you’re probably VO2 inclined. If you’re really interested in finding out you could replace Spencer +2 with Morgan - in my opinion anyone with a properly set FTP who can do Morgan at 100% is either extremely VO2 inclined or is due for a nice FTP increase on their next test

Whey back when I did Kaiser – 6x3min@120% – at an “easy” 100%.
Three weeks later my FTP bumped up ~5%. I was definitely a VO2 inclined rider.
Then I started 12 weeks of SS/Threshold training and waved bye-bye to my higher inclinations. :cry:

Some people’s ftp is too low compared to pVO2max and hence the problem - I would perform the work period at mmp5’. To start and progress it