TACX Flux 2 - Quick release issue

So, I’m either going completely mad or something(s) has changed between the Flux S and the Flux 2.

Long story short, my trusty Flux S has died. I had hoped to use my wifes Flux 2. I have been using my 2017 quick release/disc brake CAAD 12 on the Flux S without issue for over a year.

Once I’d swapped my cassette and all the Tacx 5mm bolts/adapters over to the Flux 2, much to my surprise, my CAAD 12 frame no longer fit. The adapter bolts were around 5mm too short. I double checked the space I was working in and I’d been sure to place everything I’d removed from the Flux S onto the Flux 2.

What am I missing? Is there another NEW adapter I now have to buy?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.