Tactics for Bigger Riders, Extra Recovery, Racing a New Category and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 235

It’s on the calendar now :slight_smile:. As long as I’m pretty fit I’ll go. I have some serious travel before that so my fitness is up in the air.


Circular…very fun! Rule 2 doesn’t make sense…so refer to rule 1. What’s rule 1, well that appears to be;

So, if I understand this correctly…every ride has rules and those rules are that there aren’t any rules. By the way don’t go fast when you fat-asses want to go fast that’s where “we work together” to be smooth and fast. Now I get that part, but it feels like a rule.

Apparently the not written down rules always seem to be written down where you say “by the way Endomorph, we’re at the place where I have a distinct advantage…GO!!!”

I’m just poking fun, I mean “you” in a general sense not you specifically.

I’m so fat I can’t keep up on the flat parts or the hills. I’m still very new to cycling and the rules that aren’t rules can be hard to follow until I’m indoctrinated sufficiently enough I suppose. In my home town back in the states everyone was super supportive and appeared to be non-judgemental (what with me riding an REI road bike and all) when I first started riding with groups, so again I’m just taking the piss (to borrow a phrase from my morose and depressed English friends).

Simple solution to being a ‘bigger’ rider. Find a drop ride, smash it after the first five minutes, drop everyone, ride on your own for the next 50 minutes or so. Works like a charm. #ihavenoridebuddies :neutral_face:


The Yeti jug is way overpriced if you ask me the RTIC gallon jug is as good and you can get it for about 35 bucks or less when they go on sale. I have two of them and they are great!

In light of the podcast talking about the Enve air pressure station, what are ‘normal’ folks using for their presta connection with their air compressors for TL setups? Do you just remove the core without a presta connection, seat the tire, replace core and then pump the tire up with your floor pump? I’m getting the craftsman 6 gallon pancake compressor with accessories on sale right now on amazon ($119) and looking at different presta connections with gauge. Unfortunately the reviews do not look great and they’re pretty expensive.

Agreed! I have the Ozark Trail 1/2 Gallon jug from walmart and I think it cost me $13 dollars.


almost. Remove core, seat tire, add sealant, replace core, use floor pump.


Pretty much. Once the tyre is seated you don’t need a fast flow of air to reinflate it. My sequence is:

  • remove valve core
  • use Airshot/compressor or similar to inflate and seat the tyre
  • add sealant via valve
  • replace valve core
  • inflate tyre to required pressure
  • go ride.
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Hey @Nate_Pearson! I’m a keen CatB crit racer in Sydney and there are a couple of decent Crits on the days you plan to be in Sydney. IMHO Heffron Park Crits in Maroubra are the best! I think the Tue night handicap is the most popular but not sure you’re around on a Tuesday? Otherwise…

-Sat with Randwick Cycling club around 3pm
-Sun with Sydney Uni Velo usually 7am start

Might get to see you at the races!

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Yes! I will be around that next Tuesday the 10th. I have an event that ends at 12:30pm but it sounds like I could make the Tuesday night handicap!

Questions for you:

  • Do you have websites that you can link me to?
  • Will I be able to race these, do I need to join a club for the Heffron park ones?
  • Can I self-select grade? If so what grade should I race? You Aussies seem fast.
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I put one of these Bad boys on my presta valve and then just inflate with the normal attachment for the car.

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Any of those insulated gallon bottles dishwasher safe. I already have baby bottles to keep up with, I’m not adding anything else that can’t just be thrown in the dishwasher.

Yeti are Armageddon proof! You’ll have no issues with a dishwasher.

Are you only going to be in Sydney?

You should (?) be able to get a day licence and I reckon B grade.

… and why would be morose and depressed then ?

Oh. I know. Don’t I just know. %deity help us next week.

As for ‘bigger riders’ I think this encompasses everyone over 75Kg, and taller than 1.7m. So that includes me. It is true, that I can keep good pace on flats, and loose most people down hills ( maybe mass, maybe talent, may just be less fear ), but I’m not a climbing whippet in any sense. Sag climbs are us.

Yah, only Sydney. Thanks, I’m looking forward to it!

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@Nate_Pearson check out the CA website, there used to be a three race licence but it looks to be superceded by a one week trial licence.


Good luck!


Yeah self-select, but I’d agree probably B grade. I’d get that temp license and then you can just show up. Wear a USA flag or something will get you plenty of attention! Also join the “ Heffron Park Tuesday Night Racing” Facebook group so you can check out all the race reports and videos to get prepped

Also watch this

Cheers Nate,

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Thanks! Is there masters categories for the races I’m doing?

@benmcduff @Nick_Coster

What kinda FTPs are we talking about in the B grade. I watched a video at Heffron or a guy who raced B and got 2nd with a 265 watt FTP at 3.3 watt/kg.

The A grade seems like a P/1/2 race in the US. Is there a big talent gap between B and A?