Sweet Spot Progression

I recently try to overhydrate a little bit during every workout, no matter the intensity - far less consequences and helps with longer z2 rides. I have a feeling I am underfueling during the day as my nutrition is poorly dialed in so I compensate as I can on the bike.

And yes - 90g of carbs seems a little bit low, especially when considering power difference between us and even the difference in kcal burned during the workout due that.


I have reacted well to SS work in the past so decided to start a 6 week progression… I was confident with my FTP setting so started at 1 x 60 on Saturday:

I was not 100% sure how my legs would handle this but managed to back up with a decent high Tempo session on Sunday:

Pretty pleased with how these two sessions went so will now plan out the rest of my calendar.