Swapping to mountain bike on trainer

Hi all. I’ve been on TrainerRoad since 2016. Yesterday I put my mountain bike on the trainer (Neo) for the first time.

Any tips and tricks for transitioning to the mountain bike on the trainer?

What is the issue? Just pedal :wink:

(Unless you don’t use erg mode, in that case you need to think about gearing or changing the resistance level)


It’s likely the power you can deliver on your mtn bike will not be the same as your road bike. You might wish to do a ftp test on your mtn bike setup before getting into it, assuming the mtn bike will be on the trainer from now on.

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Thanks @GoLongThenGoHome . I will have the mountain bike on the trainer for the next six months as I train for a stage race. Thanks for the tip around maintaining the same power, I’ll have to see how that goes. I’ve got 350 TR rides under my belt, so I figure I’ll know pretty quickly if I need to adjust the FTP.

It’s fine, I use both a bit. I lock the suspension out but with that the difference is FTP would be within power meter measurement error.

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Ive had my MTB on my Kickr for years. I lock out suspension and increase psi in the fork and shock to max allowed. It pretty much makes it rigid.