Sustained power build low volume additional riding

I am currently doing a sustained power build low volume. Am heading into week 3. It’s only three days of training per week but they are relatively intense sessions.

As a rider I have usually put in 5 day weeks of training and now I feel like I am not getting out on the bike enough. Would it be a bad thing if I went out for an extra ride on a Sunday just for saddle time? Nothing hectic, just about 1 and a half to 2 hours fun ride. Or should I just stick to the 3 days as per the plan? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m in the 4th week of the same plan. I chose it specifically because I could add extra riding days. I ride a couple group rides that allow me to maintain sustained tempo/sweet spot. These get me right up to the average TSS of 525 that I can handle.


Thanks for your input. I am so worried about overtraining but also carve the social side, which one misses out on with all the indoor sessions. So adding 1 or 2 outdoor rides at more of an endurance level should then be ok. I hope. :crazy_face:

I suppose time will tell and my body will hopefully let me know if it is too much.