Support ticketing / confirmation

If I mailed Support about an issue, should I expect an auto-reply from a ticketing system etc? Asking because I mailed a couple of days ago and haven’t heard anything back … so wondering if the mail got lost.

I generally receive a confirmation with other info very shortly after sending my email.

Are you certain you had the correct address entered?


OPE! Yeah Chad is correct, you should double check that you sent it. I dont see a support ticket from you currently!
Apologies for the confusion, try again and the team will help you out!

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Thx - I did have the correct email address … have re-sent.

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Still didn’t hear anything back - I’ll try from a different email address. It’s odd, because I’ve raised tickets from that email before without issues…

I’ll get a support team member to reach out to you! Hold tight, sorry for the trouble.

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