Supercaliber vs. Lux

few weeks ago i posted a head to head test with Lux and Supercaliber here:

its german, but numbers are numbers :slight_smile: and easy to translate with Google (even as a picture)

A good friend of mine owns a bike shop that sells Scott.

I think I’m leaning towards the Spark RC 900 Pro. Anyone here have any good or bad experience with the current Spark?

I’ve been on a Spark RC 900 WC for over 2 years and I love it, no complaints.

didn’t know this existed. Glad i read ths thread. I am struggling with how to fit a dropper remote into the mess of controls on left hand side with lockouts and brake and toggs

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I think I’m going with the pnw Bachelor with the pnw puget 2x. It’s vertical, so should be able to ride beside lockout levers.

Also, that’s an amazing weight. What frame size? I got my Spry down to 24.75 at XL and that’s awesome for a roudy, Utah racer. I don’t think sub 24 is possible for an XL without stripping some core components (dropper, remote lockout, brakes, fork).

I’m on a Medium frame but a buddy of mine is on the XL and I think we are within a pound fully loaded.

Yes it’s been a real difference maker for me. Zero complaints, I really really like it.

I just rewatched the highlight reel from this race. Fun to watch Yolanda just smoothly crush those descents, fun to watch Kate Courtney slowly reel in that leader like the Terminator, fun to watch MVDP’s absolutely outrageous turn of speed dropping Nino in the men’s race later that day.

Pretty wild.

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Hahahahah…That’s awesome! You said “quick review”. Well done

Oh bro…That bike though! :heart_eyes:

Oh god I need that too! I just build my own new Lux and the lever clutter on my bars in unbearable. Did you retrofit it yourself or did you have it delivered with it?

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Two more thoughts on the Lux assembly. When I got mine I went through 3 cables before I had the dropper assembled properly and the suspension lockout required adjusting - out of the box it wouldn’t lock the front and not unlock the rear. Nothing terrible, but in all three cases it required some basic mechanical understanding and spare cables.

Haven’t taken it for a spin yet, can report back when I did.

I did it and to be honest it sucked. Really only because I had to remove the rear shock to thread the cable though the opening. I tried for an hour to poke it through the tiny opening but finally gave up and opted to remove the shock. Knowing what a pain that was I think I would have tried another hour to thread the cable without removing the shock. Actually taking the shock out was easy but I’m not a great wrench so getting it to compress enough to go back in sucked. That was with the shock with no air, just didn’t want to go the last mm to fit back in. Had to have a friend come over to finish it off.

Not that the pain of the install is behind me it’s just an amazing upgrade! Highly recommended!

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I type fast haha!