Strength Training

Woohoo - new bumper plates are scheduled for delivery today!!!


Getting close to the ‘off-season’! Anyone have a good fall weight lifting plan? I’m trying to put something together myself.


I bought and recommend two plans - Scientific Triathlon and FasCat. Happy customer, those plans worked well for me as someone without lifting experience having spent 30+ years as a desk jockey. There are differences between the plans, however both only requiring paying a one-time fee so you can use as a template over and over again.


2nd the Fascat 10 week strength plan. They have 2 versions, one which for most people will require a gym membership and they also came up with a home version last year when gyms were closed. The plan is meant to be done before starting base training (e.g. November and December) but mixes in 3-4 days a week of bike workouts, yoga and a circuit type body weight workout along with weights. (the plan is 100% cycling focused so there is almost no upper body work. The plan is great for cycling but not for general fitness or developing a beach bod :wink:

I’ve never understood why TR does not put out an off season strength plan . . .