Strava weirdness?

Did two workouts back to back this afternoon.

Steamboat was the main session.
And then Dans as a longer cool down.

Dans loaded over to Strava as normal but the weirdness arises with Steamboat; for whatever random reason it doesn’t show any virtual mileage and my total for the year hasn’t gone up to reflect it either. For dans it’s fine (shows 9 miles) and my total went up.

I’m completely flummoxed on how to remedy this? Anyone encountered this before and know an obvious / quick fix I’m overlooking?

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(Screen shots below).

What is your setup? Additionally, do you have another account (e.g.,, TrainingPeaks, etc.) where you can load Steamboat to see what it says about speed / distance to know if this is potentially a Strava or TR issue?


Wattbike Atom.

I’ve looked at the fit file (reloaded from TR to Strava again) and there is no speed data so I’m guessing it was a sensor glitch with the Atom.

Weird because I did Dans immediately afterwards as a cool down and that recorded speed perfectly fine.

I’ve added a manual entry to adjust my numbers; with miles / speed based conservatively on what I know the numbers would have been.

Annoying and strange but I’ll chalk it up as a one off for the time being and keep a close eye on things. I had the Atom serviced 3 months ago so should be A1.


Genuinely interested - why do you care about virtual miles?


Not OP, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I ‘care’ too much but I just like to use it as a proxy for training volume year to year. I could use hours, KJs or TSS but it sounds cooler to say “I rode 10,000 miles this year”. It doesn’t change my training in any way but I just like it.

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Good question.

I guess predominately in this instance I’m most concerned about why my Atom has messed up the data - it indicates there may be an intermittent issue with my setup, which worries me, as I can’t afford to buy a replacement if it dies, so I’m gonna need to keep a super close eye on that.

A secondary motivation is that I set myself a number of process and output goals across the course of each year - which motivate me and keep me wanting to get on the bike and remain consistent when perhaps temptation may arise to slack off and watch a movie on the sofa stuffing doughnuts. :joy:.

I find the mixture of process and output goals works for me and allows me to keep focused on developing good habits and ALSO gives me some stretch targets to aim for which as I’ve said, personally works well for me, particularly if I’m stressed from work, as achieving something positive (however small) for myself outside of work brings me joy.

Miles done by year end is one of the lesser (but still on my list) output goals, so I’d like to try and keep a general track on that metric that for the most part reasonably represents my progress year on year.

I’m well aware that virtual miles and speed may not be completely accurate. But since probably 40% to 50% of my saddle time over the course of a year is indoors, over the last few years, then it’s the best available I’ve got to keep tabs on my progress (competing against last year’s version of myself).



I get the rationale, it’s definitely important to stay motivated. I’d still say weekly hours are the more meaningful metric to track though, not to mention easier to plan. I’d get more stressed if my weekly goal was xyz miles and because a workout was endurance instead of sweetspot it didnt net the same amount of ‘miles’, with hours is N hours or it isn’t.

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Just FYI. If you use Erg with a low gear your mileage will be much lower than in resistance mode and a high gear. Your virtual mileage is an arbitrary number. Not saying that you should do it differently but just know what you measure.

Much like on the MTB where your avg mph will be much lower than on the roadbike. Therefore I personally use hours/week.

If you know your avg mph of the workout you could fill the data in and download the fit file, reupload to strava and see if that fixes your issue.

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This isn’t necessarily the case anymore with Virtual Speed enabled in the account settings, IME. I’ve not seen a notable difference between small ring ERG/big ring RES scenarios since I’ve enabled VS. With it enabled, the speed and distance displayed in Strava is based on the power output from your power source.

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