Strange whistle-like noise coming out of my Neo 2T trainer. any clues?

I’ve had this trainer for less than a year and last week I started getting the noise. It’s like a whistle, like it needs lube somewhere. it’s not a squeeky noise that I found on videos on the web. it’s different.

It’s not coming from my bike, I’ve used my old trainer and no noise at all. it’s coming from the Neo 2T

any ideas?

Maybe the cassette? It looks old. Does it need some lube?

yeah, kinda sounds like a squeaky chain, but can’t be entirely sure. Rule things out one by one. Lube the chain and spin again. If it’s the trainer, I’d hit up Garmin. It should be covered by warranty and you shouldn’t have to crack it open or anything like that.

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Overall info concerning Neo sounds is here: