Strange callibration values on Tacx Vortex

My tacx Vortex usually has callibration values of around 5 (don’t remember
exactly), but yesterday, it became louder and harder to pedal than
usual. TrainerRoad callibration now gives values of 65534 and 6553.4, which
seems unlikely to be correct. The tacx utility app says the callibration is
OK. Does anyone know what 65534 might mean?

Sadly can’t really be of much help but the relevance of the number is probably just a software thing rather than anything useful; 65535 is the maximum value of a 16-bit integer, so it’s probably just not handling the output correctly and displaying the maximum usable value.

This could be a good question to ask Tacx Support, especially if the change came with a corresponding change in ride feel and Rate of Perceived Exertion at a given output level. They know their trainer the best, and will know how to address any symptoms you are experiencing.

You can also check the Tacx application for a firmware update, as that can help to alleviate these types of issues as well.

Tighten the wheel tension a bit, or pump your tyre up.

When you calibrate with the tacx app, you get this red-green-red bar for the wheel tension, where left is ‘too lose’ and right ‘too tight’. I think small positive values mean you’re ok, and large values (close to 16bit) mean you’re straying on the lose side.

I asked support this, and they said you can calibrate with either TR or the tacx app - the calibration gets stored inside the trainer, so it doesn’t matter. The tacx app gives a bit better feedback though, so if you’re not sure what is happening, it might be better to use that.