Stiff neck, how long before training again?

I woke up with stiff neck today, and I cannot figure out why. One night before I slept in some hotel room and I found the pillow there strange and unsupportive but last time where the issue seems to have occurred I slept normally at home. I read that it can also come from bad posture which is a bit strange in my case since I used the off season to improve my posture and it is really much better than it used to…

Anyways, this makes it quite hard for me to stick to my training plan (SSB LV 1 at the moment) which is already a bit scattered due to travels for Christmas and several work trips in January…

Did anyone else experience this, and if yes how long did it take in your case until you could resume training?

I too have chronic neck issues. If I do not workout for a week or so my neck pain flares up. For me the two solutions that worked best were:

  1. Regular visits to a chiropractor, which has worked miracles.

  2. I have found that strength training has helped significantly; specifically targeting neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles.

I cannot speak to how long you should wait to start training though. That would be up to you, and honestly might not be the best approach…

I slipped a cervical disc a few years ago from sleeping funny on my neck a few too many nights in a row. Nowadays I’m much more mindful of the position I put my head in when sleeping. Elevation is generally a trigger (eg, memory foam pillows), so I either use a light feather pillow or no pillow. When I do wake up with a kink in my neck I hit it hard with ibuprofen right away and usually I’m fine same day as long as I don’t aggravate it again overnight.

Actually it feels surprisingly much better after another night. Normally the plan for today would be TR session in the morning, and gym/posture work in the afternoon. I will definitely skip the gym today, but may do the TR session in the afternoon if I keep feeling as good - just to stay on track… lets see