STI shifters for tiny hands

Does anyone know of a set of shifters/brakes for tiny hands?

I am contemplating putting a pair on the mill, but I would rather not.

Have a look at STI ‘adjustment blocks’ as an option

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SRAM levers have reach adjustment on them I believe, as do some Shimano, it just depends how tiny is tiny!

Yeah, Google for the shifters you have and “reach adjustment” to figure out how you can set yours.

It’s not so much the reach adjust as it is the length of the shifter body (the black bit that the cables rout through). My 7 year old wants to do a race with me and just can’t opperate the shifters.

Maybe if I run the body way up on the bars I could dial the reach adjust way in, but then there is an issue with dialing in the brakes PERFECTLY so they work but don’t rub.

I recently watched a GCN video about the new Shimano 105 groupset and they mentioned that there is a specific version made for small hands

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Sweet, but now I need to justify an 11 speed groupset for a 7 year old to my wife (she has a 10 speed groupset)…thinking hat on.

I think CyclingTips did a write-up on a guy who built a bike for his young son (about the same age). Gave him electronic shifting since he could not reach the shifters. Might be something to consider. Once I coughed past the “Better than dad rides” I found that really makes sense.

You can always give SRAM a call and talk with them. I would assume you can do the same with Shimano.

Islabikes have some sort of “custom” STI levers from Shimano - I wonder if they are available on the market:

(scroll down)

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Any of the shimano shifters with the gear cable coming in at the side would be great for small hands. I think the shifters on the islabike website are probably 105 10 speed shifters from the 5600 series.

The great thing about these is that the brake lever pivot is really high in relation to where the palm of the hand sits so it’s much easier for small hands to reach further down the lever. Same with the shifter lever.


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I might second the recommendation for electronic shifting. Know a decent number of small women who have electronic becuase the shifting is easier for them.

If they have been good this year perhaps it’s time for Di2? :wink:

He is a great kid but hell no. The only way he would get di2 is if I took it off my bike.

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Then you get a new bike?

Microshift do a specific short reach 10 speed lever for kids which is shkmano compatible. Lots of people jn uk using them kn kids builds

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Not compatible with the latest Tiagra 4700 10S RD, though.