Stealth bike tech of the year: Rule 28 aero base layer

Also, most of the UAE team now have jerseys with the trips built into them - which I thought went against the UCI rules (why Endura’s Drag2Zero SST Skinsuit got banned).

Frustratingly, you can’t buy anything like this.

ARTICLE 1.3.033 says that surface roughness less than 1mm is ok,

If you look in Pissei’s custom catalogue it looks like you can buy the UAE kit

Tagging @Rule28, who has been responsive in this thread.

There is, of course, a cynical viewpoint to the answer to this question…

The Aero Base Layer shouldn’t be used with any suit that already has a ribbed or textured sleeve. It’s almost guaranteed to actually make the suit perform worse. We found this in our own testing with several different suits.

We’ve seen a few exceptions to this like the level suit used by the NZ track team. This actually did test faster for them with the base layer, but as a general rule, if you can’t aero test it for yourself I wouldn’t use it with a textured sleeve suit.

Stick to a smooth armed suit or jersey and you will get good results. :+1:


Come back to us in a few months on this :eyes::eyes:


Oh. :crazy_face: Don’t tease me!

This is the closest, but it isn’t the same - nowhere near - this is more just like the normal ribbed fabric you get on most aero sleeves.

As mentioned, give it a few months and we’ll have something for you all.

I can tell you that there are some very good fabrics out there in the pro peloton. But they are expensive! The fabrics that we’re going to be using are 5-6x more expensive than what we have used before.

That’s the reason you’re not going to see these other brands offering you what the pros use - they don’t want to spend that much to manufacture kit.

We care about performance above everything else so that’s why we will.


This is only 1/4 base layer if that :joy:

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@Rule28 - While you’re here, any chance of a bright colored long sleeve aero jersey? Or is that something you’d do custom now?

Need something like this as obnoxiously bright as possible for the roads around here…

I have seen a few of the rule28 sponsored riders wearing something very very similar to the above pissei suit with the built in ribbing on the sleeves. I assume this is what will be available (hopefully soon) with an updated linup? ?

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