Starting Traditional Base Mid Volume!

I’m very excited. I did this last year, and actually really enjoyed it. I’ll likely tack kn an hour or so to the Thursday and Sunday rides, and add a recovery ride or two per week as well. May even repeat one of the blocks for a total of 16 weeks of traditional base!

On a related note…I am going to need a lot of movie and TV series recommendations to sustain my zone 2 habit over the winter. Any entertainment suggestions would be much appreciated :+1:


I’m watching for movie suggestions too haha…just started TBMV1 last week and I’m excited to see how it goes. Good luck on it!!!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is 3hrs long. :cowboy_hat_face:


Good luck! I’ll admit, I’m so big on SSB HV that I’m kind of surprised at the “backlash” against SS these days, not that I think it’s superior, but I do find it effective for myself.

I did 3hrs on Sat and was 1hr40min into a 3hr ride on Sunday when I got interrupted and told we had a reservation to get to. It’s that kind of stuff that makes me want to stick with the 2hr max stuff! lol

The Dark Knight series got me through a few longer Endurance rides! Felt like Batman on a bike after I watched them all.

I finished up sweet spot base high volume this summer, a bit after covid hit. This was right as the weather got nice, yet all the group rides in this area got shut down…so I was solo the whole time. Figured it was a good time to give high volume a try.

I liked it…but with the caveat that I would only ever be able to get through it outdoors. I have a practice crit course 5 minutes from my house I went out to at dawn pretty often to ride the workouts on before work, and it worked out perfectly. But I couldnt do that kind of volume and intensity inside on a trainer. I frankly sometimes struggle with mid volume exclusively on the trainer with sweet spot. Hence the shift towards zone 2 training over the winter…even if it is not as effective…I figure I’ll nail it with near 100% compliance, and still be excited to get outside and ride in the spring, and up intensity.

I think I’ll be doing a similar thing this winter. It’s a pretty different approach for me- I usually favour SSB for logistical reasons and because I find z2 work on the trainer disgustingly boring, but after close on a year of hammering myself I’m actually enjoying just sitting at a comfortable intensity and concentrating on something else. Not to mention it’s a hell of a time saver to be able to get my workouts done while I watch my online lectures.

I’m also a younger/newer rider so I expect there’s a lot of benefit to be had from a big z2 block. I’m interested to see how long it takes before I hate the idea again :joy:

You could watch Tenet on repeat until you are able to explain it to me!

I tried that once or twice with some physics lectures…what a disaster. :rofl: