Started a training plan…why so many ramp tests?

I just started a training plan with a ramp test, which makes sense. I have another on the calendar after two weeks, and another 2-3 weeks later and so on. This seems like far too frequent a cadence of ramp tests doesn’t it? I assume there is some method to the madness but can’t quite figure it out.

If you look at the standard plans they have a ramp test every six weeks in Base, every four weeks in Build and just the one at the start of Speciality. Base and Build both begin with one.

If you create a bespoke plan using Plan Builder then the software tries to fit different plans into the time you’ve allocated so you might get the first three weeks of Base then the first two weeks of Build then the first two weeks of Base part 2, etc. Because there’s a ramp test at the start of each individual plan you get more than you think.

You can always swap out the ramp test for something else if you so wish.