Start training road - outdoor training - rest

hi, i’,m new here… i have started the base phase low volume and my FTS is 180.
i have 3 riders indor for week, but during the week end i want to train outdoor… which workout i have to do?
when i have to rest? after the end of base phase or during?
thx to all

Hey Fabio!

In this case, I would recommend starting the Base Phase, and simply skipping your Weekend Workouts for outdoor, long endurance workouts. That way you can combine some structure with the ability to get outside and enjoy the weather. You can even “associate” your outdoor ride with the planned ride in order to show that you have completed your training outside.

As for when to rest, there are rest days built into each week, and rest weeks built into each plan. So as long as you are following a plan, your rest and recovery will be taken care of :slight_smile:

Cheers, and welcome to TrainerRoad!

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Nove… thx