St. George 70.3 bike course workout?

Hi all
Trying to find a workout profile similar to what I might see at st. George 70.3 in October. Not looking for elevation (obviously) but something with a .7-.8 IF that includes a climb like snow canyon as part of it. Any suggestions? Thanks all.

Polar Bear is a good 70.3 style workout, but for course simulation rather than training adaptations I use Rouvy or FulGaz.

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Thanks. I also might try bestbikesplit if the course and download the TrainerRoad file. I’ve never done that so will be interesting to see if it works for me.


Polar Bear or Mount Bond +1

Second one gives you more “breaks” down into z2, but the st george course is so hilly those kinda mimic the downhills you get anyways…where it’s not reasonable/productive to still push high tempo watts when you’re already going 35+mph

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Both of those workouts looks great for course work. Thanks team.