SSBI to SSBII gap weeks

Hi all,

I’m currently halfway through SSBI and looking to the future. My current plan ends on Feb 17. Two weeks after that I’ll be travelling for work with very little time and or no opportunity to get on a bike or get a workout in. I obviously don’t want to start SSBII the week following and completely skip the second week.

So what kind of rides should I fill that following week with? I’m in a mid volume plan now so five days of rides would be what I’m looking for. I dont think a week off the bike is going greatly affect my fitness before going into SSBII but I’d like to hear what everyone thinks. I don’t have a particular race or ride planned yet as my year has yet to be fully planned.


i glad this topic came up because i was wondering how this works also, iv seen SSB1 & 2 mentioned but i don’t remember being prompted to begin part two after part one finished,
do you just do SSB again?

Read this.
If you dont ride at all or do some other kind of exercise the week you are travelling with your job perhaps you should revisit week 2 of SSBII when you come back

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Exactly the answer i was looking for, Thanks!

There’s no prompt, after finishing “I” just select the “II” plan at the appropriate volume.

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