SSB LV 1 crash and burn (and light rec request)

Right just did the ramp test on the SSB LV 2. And I lost 5% of my FTP. I was ill for a couple of weeks during the last block. I also had to bail out on a couple of rides as I was carrying fatigue from my other sport. I have some minor health stuff that I am going to jump on now thanks to this.

Part of the consistency problem is that I commute to work by bike and it is too short to get any sort of work in. At this time of year I am in full tights and thermals by now. This is creating a weird inertial. In the spring and summer I just put on the shorts and hopped on the implement of torture (IoT). Then swapped shoes put on my jersey and used the commute as a warm down. Now I am finding the faffing about with kit in the morning distracting. So I switched to the evening which hasn’t helped the consistency either. I was gunning for the LBL sportive end of April for the spring challenge. So what to do?

Now I have been mulling over trying polarized. (I tried to follow the main thread but it has ramified beyond me) This looks like an opportunity. If I get up and go I can easily get in 2.5 hours before work. The kids are teenagers now and not exactly morning people anymore. They can hardly break wind in my general direction of a morning. So I doubt I will be depriving them of anything there. So I was contemplating doing this: Bastardizing the SSB LV2 by keeping the Thursday and Saturday sessions (maybe rejigged on the zone spread), sacrificing Tuesday to a progressive zone 2 commute up to the 2.5 hour limit. Then do something similar on Sunday where I can get around 3 hours in now but can probably extend that in the new year… Then depending on the fatigue and other zone timings do a Wed run too.

Also my current photon torpedo is a 7 year old Lezyne mega drive with a dying battery and the spare is kaput too. I a not a big fan of the size of the thing and the charge time is no use for a 2.5 hour ride. Any recs on a replacement. Was thinking in the 500 lumen class. Would prefer a direct rubber clamp thing and a slimmer form factor as I can then use the thing more naturally with my computer. Right now the computer is dog legged out of the way and blocking my left bar top.

Go for it. I’m doing a similar plan. I’ve taken SSB LV1 and tweaked it so there is only 2 interval sessions a week then add in endurance rides to fill it out.