SS base 1 fewer long intervals?

Is there any new finding in training or something? Because my base 1 plan has a lot less 10+ minute intervals this time. I created a plan for grandfondos.

What is your SS Progression Level? Im guessing you’re below 4.0 if you have shorter intervals. I’m in SSB1 and started with 10-12 minute intervals with a PL of 4.4. Looks like it works up to 20 minutes by the end of the block.


This seems right. Low SS progression gives lots of intervals with lots of short breaks.

To the OP - follow the plan for a few weeks and I think AT will start tweaking your plan and feeding you longer stuff that like what you’re picturing.


Sounds logical. My progression for SS is 2.7. But one year ago, when i started training with TR, i had a lot more long intervals. My levels were just 1 of course.