SRAM Red vs Force AXS D2 Power Meter Ring Weight

Anyone know the difference in weight between the latest AXS Red and Force Chainring/Power meter? Just the rings and PM. Not the crank arms. Having a hell of a time trying to find the figures! I use 50/37 but, if you have figures for a 46/33, 48/35, 52/39 etc…I’d appreciate it!

It’s the exact same unit. Literally the only difference is the color of the anodizing. I weighed the non power meter 46-33 versions and they were identical 224 grams. I also had a power meter Force version, and that aded 25 or so grams to the non power meter chainring.


Which means we should wait for the next gen Red to drop soon?

Maybe? It certainly won’t be any cheaper than the very discounted Red components you can get now, but if that doesn’t matter then sure.


Thank you @adenega!

Do you know if the spindle and crank arms are the same weight force d2 and red d1 too then? @adenega

They’re not. Red are a good bit lighter. I think about 130 grams.

Red should come in around 340 grams. For some reason I never saved a picture though.

Very interesting. I appreciate your help. Do you know if you can install the force d2 integrated power meter and chainrings with the red cranks?

Of course. They’re all 8 bolt direct mount.

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Thank you!

Do you know the weight difference between force d2 shifters and red d1 shifters/levers and calipers? @adenega

Sorry, only Red I have ponied up for are cranks and cassettes. I think bikeradar or someone published the actual weights before. Probably something like 20 grams per lever

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The red chain rings look so much better, I would pay (actually I did for the regular red crankset) just for the looks :confused:

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Disagree. The black finish on the 2023 Force rings looks nicer than the excessively shiny chrome like finish on the Red.


I would say maybe resale value would take a bit of a hit but maybe not either with the force d2 vs red d1.