Sram red axs with shimano chainset

is it possible to run an ultegra R8000 chainset with a sram red axs front derailleur?

I have currently running Force AXS with Ultegra rings and 12s 105 cassette with a YBN chain. Working fine. I just don’t think you’ll be able to use the AXS chain


You can use the Red AXS FD with virtually any crankset if not using the FLATTOP chain. But if you are using the FD it’s an easy guess that you’re also using the RD and chain, at that point you may run into compatibility issues with the Ultegra chainrings, though it could work but trying it is the only way to know for sure. There are chainrings not Flattop chain compatible on paper that do in fact function perfectly but trial and error are the only way to know for sure.

cheers caveman. the groupset i’ve seen does not include a chain. its merely shifters, and FD/ RD with batteries

Just keep in mind that the RD lower pulley wheel is narrow/wide when you install the chain.

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Has anyone tried this yet?

I keep seeing deals for either SRAM Force or Red shifters + RD & FD but I would want to keep my Shimano chairning since it has my P2M power meter that is only compatible with 4 bolt Shimano cranks.

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I have been running a shimano crank on sram drivetrain for a long time. I use pass quest 1X chainrings and they are great.

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