Sram etap with 13 speed cassette

Just because you are building your N=1 dream bike, it doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade/change it later. I’d go with 1x12 AXS. When the 13 speed technology has evolved a bit in a few years, you can upgrade.

Look at the below chart which calculates what cadence you need in each gear to maintain a given speed, calculated with a 650bx45 tire (edit: which is same diameter as 700x25). See how at 60 kph (37 mph) in a 53x11 it takes a cadence of 98 rpm, which is the same for 48x10. Now look at 42x10 and see that with a cadence of 112 you can still hit 60 kph.

Everyone should be able to hit 110 to 115 rpm cadence for a few minutes at a time. Very few of us have a need (or ability) to sustain 60 kph often. Most people have an unnecessarily large max gear.

That’s why I said pick your drivetrain for the easiest gear you need and gear steps you want then you can sense check what max gear ratio and speed that gives you.

Edit: here’s the calculator link



I also did a thorough analysis.

So what drivetrain setup do you think you will choose?

I think the 46. It’s closest to my compact setup. Which I like for the rolling terrain I’m mostly riding

If you really want an eTap 1x with a big gear range, you can always use an Eagle AXS rear mech and cassette. It’s still 12sp, but you can go up to a pretty huge gear. Eagle AXS is fully compatible with eTap AXS.

Alrighty. After a very long process I finally received my bike on 08-12-2021. There was quite some delay because of wrongfully ordered parts, and because other parts took extremely long to get delivered. Also the workload at the bikes hop did not help. The total wait of parts and assembly was almost a year (!).

But currently, my bike is as follows:

  • Rondo HVRT size L frame
  • Berk Lupina saddle
  • Pro Vibe Evo handlebar. 105mm stem and 400mm width
  • Rotor 1x13 groupset (46 tooth chainring)
  • 2 Arundel bottlecages
  • Light bicycle 56mm deep wheels with rotor 1x13 hub (10-36 cassette)
    - GP 5000 TL tires
  • Light bicycle 650b gravel tires (10-46 cassette)
    - Pirelli Cinturati Gravel H 45mm in the back and Gravel M 45mm in the front
  • Hambini BB
  • Favero Assioma Duo

Right now it’s 8,02 kg with the 56mm wheels, computer mount and bottle cages but without pedals. Not exceptional but not a drama either. Especially considering it’s an aero gravel bike. With the new GP tires I get under the 8 kg.

I rode it once, so my experience is very limited at the moment. It did take some time to get used to the shifter feel. And I still need to play with the adjuster barrel to make sure that the feeling is right for me. But when I want it to shift, it shifts. Vast and crisp. Going up the cassette does take some force, but here I need to play a bit more with the adjuster barrel. Especially in colder temperatures.

Riding 1x 13 one the road is nice! It’s quite strange how much mental focus it requires to shift quickly with 2x. It is what people say it is with 1x. Just up or down. Easypeasy. I don’t want to say it’s for everyone. But for me in the Netherlands it’s great.

The brakes are very very good. I did come of 105 disc. Which where fine. But the bite of the magura brakes is just nicer. The modulation is better.

A picture will follow soon.