Power Meter Zero Offset

Two questions specific to a Quarq Dzero:

  1. How often should you perform one?

  2. And does the Dzero zero automatically at the beginning of each ride?

  1. Before every ride

  2. No

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  1. Straight from the DZero manual “Perform the Zeroing Procedure before every
    ride. The power meter can be zeroed two
    ways: Auto Zero and Manual Zero.”

  2. The way auto zero works from what I know about my DZero is it’s not really automatic. You still have to do something to it to zero the PM.

Ok thanks. Wow am I a moron. Probably doesn’t matter too much but, I can’t remember the last time I zeroed it so I did one today (after the ride of coarse). 198 so, cool. Checked the slope with Qalvin which was the same as factory at 7.90. Again cool.

How To Set The Power Meter Zero Offset

Think Fast October 21, 2017 18:37

Manual Zero

Performed through a cycling computer. This function, if available, is often referred to as a ‘Power Meter Calibration’ (or similar) within the cycling computers Owner’s Manual. Follow the below process if your cycling computer is capable of this function.

  1. Rider must be off the bike and un-clipped from the pedals.
  2. Place the drive-side crank arm in the 6 o’clock position.
  3. Initiate the ‘calibrate’ command as instructed in the cycling computers Owner’s Manual.
  4. Within 3-5 seconds the cycling computer should indicate ‘Success’ and will often display the Zero Offset number.

What Should The Zero Offset Be?

Auto Zero

Performed by rotating the crank backwards 5 complete revolutions. An Auto Zero can be performed with the rider on the bike while coasting.

Performing an Auto Zero will NOT display a Zero Offset number on the connected cycling computer.


Thanks. I’m familiar with all you posted which doesn’t really help when you don’t do it! It’s possible I pedaled backwards 5x sometime in November but, I doubt it. I have not done one via the head unit ever (over 1 year)…ugh!

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