[SRAM AXS] how to decrease brake lever reach, without decreasing brake power?

I moved my SRAM AXS hoods a bit. How do I decrease the lever reach without changing braking power. There obviously is an adjustment screw but decreasing the reach greatly reduces braking power

Is this the change you made:

If so, why do you think that reduces power?

Potentially related, but you may consider the Contact Point Adjustment covered in the manual:

yes , when I reduce the reach like that, my stopping power goes away

edit: the answer is hidden in the comments, even with an angry comment from me I had forgotten about

This has been a contradiction since SRAM first introduced levers with reach adjustment. It is true that the levers can be brought in toward the bar to shorten reach but also reduces lever travel thereby reducing braking power since lever travel multiplies braking force. Another problem with SRAM is the shift paddle shape and size. When the paddle gets close to the bar it can make contact further causing issues, especially if braking from the hoods since one’s fingers are likely in the way. This first became clear to me in cyclocross since cantilever brakes need more lever travel to work well. It can be terrifying when immediate braking is needed but little to none is available due to lever travel concerns. It seems that unless a bar shape was designed to work specifically with the levers this problem will not go away.