Sram AXS creak noise

If that’s what you think…

Had a ticking noise on my bike that would only happen in my 10t cog. Greased up the pedals and it went away.

If you’re trying to diagnose a noise it’s best to go over everything. One thing you’ll learn is that noise travels through a bike frame and is not always what you think it is.

No sound at all on the big ring… not even at 500w+

Good idea to get it on a trainer, I will try that later.

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Bike has 10 months, around 5-7 thousand km

Just heard your video. Sounds terrible. Don’t know if that’s the problem but it’s worth checking. If it’s coming from the BB area, then the small ring would put a different angular pressure on the BB. I am not saying that it is it but again, worth ruling out.

Also just tried taking out the FD completely to make sure… still creaking :weary:

Maybe the chain is rubbing somewhere, but not the FD?

If you put it on the trainer, can you put your phone underneath, so you can film the chain/chainset while you’re pedalling?

The other thing to check, how slack/tight is your rear derailleur when in the small ring? Maybe the chain is too slack.

Also, have you checked the small chainring for crack/damage?

The fact it makes noise consistently when you are at 3:00 makes it seem BB related though, and the sound does sound more like a bearing/bushing than anything.

Pedal threads greased?

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I changed the pedals for another ones… still creaking

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Is it possible you have a little lateral play in your crank axle?

I had a sound just like that on my AXS group, turns out I had forgotten a spacer. The crank was moving in and out slightly, causing chain rub at only one part of the pedal stroke. I couldn’t find it when it was up on a stand, but realized it when I put it on a trainer after noticing that lateral play.

Good idea. I am going to take the bike to a Specialized store next week and report if they find anything…

Are you sure it’s the BB area? If not…
Is your chain too long? Are you RD pulleys hitting the chain as it S through? Is the chain routed correctly through the RD arm- not hitting the supports?

Is it only in the bigger rear cogs? Is there a sound when you cross chain?

If it’s the BB, from that video, I’d say uneven chain ring wear or something with the BB/Crank isn’t seated well. It’s odd that the noise is 360deg.
You checked the preload ring on the NDS side to make sure it’s taught, right? That would slide the crank a bit to the side when you shift.

I have swapped the chain, rear derailleur, took off the FD, even swapped the cranks for another ones from a friend! I think the only thing left to change down there is the BB. Even after all this, the sound is still there.

As I mentioned before, the noise only occurs when stepping on the pedals, the part when you put pressure (2-6 o’clock), so it´s not 360. The sound comes all over the cassette.

Any good news on this?

I have a race this weekend, so I didn’t want to leave it at Specialized. Next week I will leave it with them and update if they find anything…

Chain hitting the FD cage. So either cage height, rotation or l/h.

I took the FD off the bike, the sound was still there, so unfortunately no.

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