Specialized Sitero bracket

Hi, a saddle question sorry. I have aSpecialised Sitero saddle on my TT bike but just one bottle cage. I saw that there’s a bracket you can get for it and ready for cages. Has anyone any experience of this or any other suggestions please?

I’m setting it for my first 70.3 at the moment and have no other storage options.


I had one when I was doing full IM and was able to put 2 bottles on the bracket. It worked great but make sure you have really good cages like XLab - Gorilla cages.

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For a 70.3 - I personally recommend a (1) behind the seat bottle and a (1) between the arms

Aid is usually every 20 miles - so approx. 1 bottle per hour. The between the arms bottle is one that you are drinking from. The behind the seat bottle is a backup. This is all assuming you are using the on course drink mix/water. If you are planning to carry all your nutrition on the bike, the two bottles behind the seat is good however has a few cons.

A couple cons for the dual behind the seat

The behind the seat bottle can be challenging to be grabbing frequently to drink, its easy to break your aero position if not practiced.
Depending on the cage model - the dual cages can eject bottles on bumps/train tracks.
2 bottles adds a lot of additional weight high on the bike right at the seat. Makes the balance of the bike seem off.

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