Specialized Shiv Fuel Cell

Does anyone use the Fuel Cell on a Specialized Shiv? I have a 2012 model Shiv which only has one set of bottle cage bosses (on the down tube, no bosses on seat tube). How does the fuel cell attach? Could I still use one? Thanks!

I think you are asking about the in-frame bladder? If so, it’s called the Fuelselage.


There are two sizes of bladders, depending on your frame size.

Here is an install video.

I have one but have not used is since I installed a BTA in the bars and I only do short events. I’ve heard the bladder can be a bit of a pain, but can work when you get it right.

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I have one and it’s designed to be mounted on the bosses on the seat tube. Not sure what version of the shiv you have but it doesn’t sound like it’ll work for you. There’s a mounting plate that attaches to the downtube where the bottom plastic part of fuelcell slides into it and that’s how it attaches to the frame.

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that’s what I was thinking. It’s a 2012 Shiv TT. Thanks for the info and pix

These are discontinued by specialized and I can’t seem to find any online. Does anyone know where to get one or if any other manufacturers make something that works?