Specialized HQ robbed

I guess the whole supply and demand equation is getting really out of hand :man_facepalming:t3:

So that must be 5 bikes? Lol
2 dentist are very mad :joy:


It doesn’t seem so funny that they lost a bit of history.


DItto. Any bike theft sucks the big one. These are at least special to S fans due to the actual history on and represented by these bikes. Some are real pieces of history on a world level, as mentioned.


Checking Craigslist now for a good deal on the S-Works Aethos :crossed_fingers:


I don’t understand a caper like this…it isn’t like they would ever be able to offload those bikes somewhere. “Pssst…hey man, I got Sagan’s Roubaix winning bike. You want it?”

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It’s akin to stealing well known (and expensive) artwork. They would have to be sold within some very special, dark circles who even have any idea why these might be worth a big chunk of change to begin with. That said, I don’t think there’s much black market for “famous” bikes like there is in the art world… but maybe I am just clueless about the “real world” that lies in the shadows :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly…I was going to make that comparison to stolen works of art, but i really don’t think people are sending guys out to knock off the Specialized HQ because they have a “interested buyer” :rofl:

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Oh haven’t you heard? There’s apparently a price bubble and bikes are craaaaazy expensive.




Probably some users that are waiting over 6 months for their spec bikes and after the information they have to wait more they snapped.


Perfect example of someone not realising what they’re stealing and probably subsequently being quite annoyed. The sad thing is that means the bikes will either be junked or stripped down for parts.

Not sure we can say that. Maybe they are a Ned or Sagan fan and got exactly what they wanted and more?

I’d be genuinely surprised if there’s that kind of steal-to-order black market for bikes, but hey, you could be right. Who knows?

Not saying it was stolen for someone else, could have been done by the very person (people) that wanted one or more of the bikes nabbed. All guessing until we learn anything more specific.

It doesn’t help that Spesh made a bunch of bikes like Sagan’s tour bike for consumers to buy, so it’s not like they couldn’t take it out and ride it still, hell even my buddy had Cyclocarbon paint his Roubaix in the Sagan scheme, and another friend of a friend owns the expensive replica of Sagan’s actual bike that was made for consumers

Also unclear if it was just those specific biked that were targeted or just a smash and grab type of

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To repeat my post from another thread…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(But I am admittedly not a Sagan fan…don’t @ me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I don’t think it can be related to a work of art. A painting by Monet is unique. There is no other painting like it and that can be verified by experts. The bike of Sagan in Roubaix is one of many identical bikes and cannot be reliably verified. It could be one of a number of bikes Sagan rode and because specialized says what it is, we have to take their word for it. It’s like someone saying this is the ball that was used in the final of World Cup. The art itself is the race which is on video to be appreciated.

This meme would be great if they were all in bike clothing :joy:

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I thought about swapping the ‘S’ in the “Ocean’s” title and doing the 13>14 cleaner, but with MS Paint, it’s a bit tough. I suspect someone with better skills and tools could do a proper meme :smiley: