Specialized Crux tire clearance


is it possible to fit 38mm or even 40 tires on Crux carbon 2020 because I read that 33 is the max? And is it a big difference between 33 and 38?

I use Crux as my winter bike for the road, gravel and offroad combo riding and I’m interested how much would I get on offroad and lose on road with 38c tires?


From what I remember, the website states that with 33c’s, there’s 8 cm of clearance left. I’m not sure how that translates to real life but I’d imagine you could get a 38c tire on there with no trouble. I haven’t tried though.

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I ran Maxxis Ramblers 40’s last year at DK on my 2017 Crux…no issues.

Currently running Goodyear Connector Ultimate, also in a 40…again, no issues.

Also, can’t recommend the Goodyears enough…fantastic tire.

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I’ll also note that 40 is probably about the max, though…the chainstay clearance is pretty tight now.

I have a 2015 Crux and I can fit 40mm (actual) with no problem. 42mm would be a squeeze.

I actually ran 45mm on the front and 40mm rear for a while. There is tons of clearance on the front.

If you ride in mud though you’d probably get clogged up quickly with little clearance.

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My understanding is that 33 is the max width to still maintain the recommended mud clearance. I run 38’s routinely for dry gravel with no issues at all. I’m not sure I would run 38’s on a super muddy CX course, but that only happens a few times a year.

I’ve been using 38mm on the front and rear since I swapped out the stock 33mm when I bought mine in 2015. For gravel rides/races and CX races the 38’s have been just fine. I just put a 40mm on the front for BWR Cedar City and that was great as well. Looks like I may be able to fit a 40mm on the rear as some have listed, but there is not much room for any dirt or mud build up so I personally stuck with the 38mm on the rear.

Is it a big difference between 33 and 38 tires? Is it a lot better on offroad and lot slower on road?

Which one is goto for 70% road / 30% offroad riding?

My aluminum Crux clears 40mm WTB Nanos and 38mm Gravel Kings with no issues at all in the rear. Front fork can almost clear a 2” MTB tire.

I have a 2013 crux elite, any idea on maximum width? I have 33mm Maxxis mud wrestlers currently…

For 70% road, I’d learn towards optimizing for road - get the narrower tire and one with a smoother center section.

When you go offroad, don’t ride gnarly trails unless you are willing to go slow.