Spec Epic WC no sag setting

For races can you set up your own short travel 100-115mm bike to a no sag setting or 5-10% sag setting and get the similar results to the Epic WC. I am thinking you have to change the rebound for the increased air pressure.

Depending on the trail you ride… but if you increase air pressure you may want to slow down rebound. But I am curious why you would want to do this?

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The Epic WC has a shock where you can tune the positive and negative air chambers separately which is uncommon.

However, if you feel like you’d be faster with stiffer suspension for a particular race, you can certainly add a bunch of air to the rear shock. I personally don’t think this makes your bike faster as much as it makes your bike feel faster, a la high pressure in your road bike tires. Nothing is stopping you from trying it however!

Yes you’ll want to slow down your rebound if you increase spring rate (air pressure)

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Ah, yes the negative air chamber would be the difference …I was just reading up on how “great” the WC is that I thought I can turn my Epic Evo into a WC by running no sag for smoother xc courses.

Just reading about how great the WC is for racing, that I thought I could do this with my bike.