Speaker or soundbar recommendations?

I’m going to disagree. I think a good sound bar can sound way more immersive than two bookshelf speakers in a tv application.

All those tiny speakers, pointing in different directions, can create a more immersive surround sound. And it may be easier to fit a soundbar to a tv stand than two bookshelf speakers.

Noise cancelling earbuds for me have been the best solution. I never hear anything going on in the house except my music or show while I ride. The rest of the house also doesnt hear what I am listening to. I use Jabra earbuds

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That was true in the past, but not today. There are others mentioned in this thread, but my AirPods Pro work great with a Lasko blowing in my face, and are far clearer than any speaker could ever be with all that wind noise.


Inside and outside I use old fashioned iPhone headphones with a cord. ( iPhone 11)
They work well and haven’t had an issue with fan noise or wind blowing in my face
I have a lasko fan in my face basically and another big loud as heck fan blowing. No problemo

You’re still thinking about products “that can put out a similar quality and volume of sound.”

My wife, and most of my friends/family, would tell you that what they care about is hanging it under the TV (or just placing it under the TV if it’s sitting on furniture), that they plug in ONE cable to the TV and it all “just works”, that they feel like it’s nearly invisible since it becomes “part of the TV”, that on-screen dialogue is clearer, and that they can use the TV remote OR the soundbar remote to change the volume, and it’s all seamless. They could care less that the sound is not as good as another option without all those benefits would be.

For many people, the soundbar is the superior solution even if the sound quality and volume is not as much or as good as the dedicated audio speaker. That’s not you, and if I could choose my perfect world that’s not me either, but even in my own house, three of the TV’s have soundbars and only ONE has a discrete 7.1 speaker system, because it’s “good enough” and has other benefits for the other people in the house.

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My AirPod Pros work just fine with a lasko in my face. Sure I can still hear the fan, but it’s a whisper compared to no headphones. Hear everything perfect though AirPods also.

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Another vote for AirPods Pros

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Thanks for all the advice so far, some good things to ponder on


Technology has progressed and a bit of fan wind makes no difference to quality noise cancelling headphones. I’ve Bose QC35 and my fan runs like a hurricane, with no noticeable detriment.

AirPod Pros are the way.

Yeah, I just want to +1 this suggestion here.

I had these speakers as part of my desktop computer set up. With the arrival of a newborn baby, they were just gathering dust. Any free time I tend to get nowadays, I’m prioritising training in the garage.

I now have the speakers moved out to the garage, set up, connected via bluetooth to a basic projector running a firestick for media. They’re also connected via line in 3.5mm to an Amazon Echo Dot in the case of wanting to switch to listening to music/podcasts.

There might be cheaper speakers available but the sound quality out of them is brilliant, it’s immersive for whatever you’re watching, more comfortable than earphones/earbuds for me and they’re always just set up, ready to go.

x2 on the new generation AirPod Pros. These are great.

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Yep, Airpods Pro 2 (which is the current generation). I actually bought the last stock of the first generation but was not satisfied, and the “2” were considerably better. With my prior cheap, non-cancelling buds my iPhone would show me as over limit for noise exposure after a ride, which was probably true. I was cranking the volume to overcome the wind noise without really noticing it. I think trying to overcome fan noise with speakers would probably give you similarly high doses.

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This thread is making me want to either add a soundbar or a computer 5.1 speaker set to my setup, or maybe just two high quality speakers as suggested :thinking:

Lot of options.

Pair of used HomePod Gen 1’s fits your <$400 budget would give you great music, stereo separation, Dolby Atmos effects, lossless audio support (way better sounding than BT), Airplay 2, integration with your Apple TV and iPhone, simple.

For better music quality, I’d probably go for active speakers. Pair of edifier active speakers mentioned above are cheap and fine. Something like the JBL 305P MK II would be a much better active speaker. Getting signal to it is more complicated…

I can’t stand wearing headphones on the bike, but that looks like the most popular recco.

This may have just been a typo, but just in case it’s not clear, almost no one is recommending headphones. Those are a sweaty mess. Lots of us are recommending earbuds though.


High quality active speaker is my choice.

Laptop headphone 3.5mm out to speakers.

When it’s good enough to Steve Jobs, it’s good enough to me.

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