Some reassurance from the greater good

Not sure that im to happy with my new FTP had a superb test yesterday, 214 to 285 BUT my first new workout ( Ebbetts SPB2 ) was brutal. Im feeling way out of my depth with the new bump, BUT I made it through the workout, but thinking I should reduce from SPB2 mid to low or reduce intensity until I catch up ??
I also commute a few days a week and have a weekend ride, just feeling ill end up doing to much TSS and itll go pear shaped

That is a massive jump. Either you have been a long time since the last test or you have changed either your trainer or your method of testing.

Without knowing any more I think I might be tempted to go a bit easy at first, maybe knock it up to 250 for a week and then raise it depending upon how you feel.

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That is such a large jump that this warrants further investigation.

Did you change anything about your setup or testing? i.e. did you use the same power meter and type of test?

If you did make changes, post them here and we can help you figure out a good path forward.

No change in setup, but I have been 100% on my training for the last six weeks, strength sessions rolling stretching food etc. I calibrated my trainer before my ramp test so going on the assumption that it’s correct :confused: which is scarry

Congrats then! That’s huge progress.

Chances are it will take a bit of time for you to adjust to the higher workload, so make sure to go into your workouts with proper fuel. Don’t be afraid to adjust the intensity slightly if needed and you’ll be used to seeing those higher numbers in no time :slight_smile:

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Prior to your superb FTP test, did you sense that workouts were easier than they should have been?

With that kind of bump (which I am amazed by but not doubting), what TR would have been treating as 120% V02 max levels of power in SPB1 should have felt happy little sweet spot intervals, not taxing at all.

That is monumental! Congratulations.

I think time will be the ultimate judge. Can you complete the work without flattering yourself? Just remember that you can and should adjust the intensity to ensure that quality is the focus of each session.

Those vO2max and anaerobic workouts are going to hurt :smiley:

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The simple answer is retest. If your FTP is similar your fine. You should see from your workouts if this really makes sense.


Which trainer do you use? Has the temperature where you workout changed?

I know, from experience, that my trainer (Tacx Vortex) will take up to 40 minutes to warm up in cold conditions. I have to calibrate it several times during a workout or it will show significantly higher power than I am actually doing. This makes it a bit difficult to do the ramp test as supposed.


Congratulations on the progress.

Ebbetts is deceiving as it is just a “few” neuromuscular tags during the interval. :sweat_smile: You haven’t seen anything like this during SPB1 and it may have been a bit harder since it does require more muscular recruitment.

The bump in FTP also means a similar increase in energy expenditure per TR workout. Congratulations you are burning 33% extra calories per TR workout relative to your previous FTP. This is significant and as other posters point out, you need to fuel for this, and manage your other stress and TSS accordingly. The commutes need to be easy, easy.

Listen to your body, get adequate rest, fuel and you’ll be knocking on 300W in no time. Cheers.

Thanks everyone for the input, and it just didn’t feel right like way to much over my ability, so ive retested. And second attempt which is not as well recovered or fresh unfortunately came in at 247 which feels way better than my miss test.
So thanks all, see how it goes from here out

If you weren’t feeling recovered for the retest you may have tested a bit low. Similar to other’s previous advise, don’t be afraid to adjust the intensity but in this case you would look for opportunities to adjust up!

If the jump is legitimate, you should also be obviously faster on outdoor rides. Not a little, but like unbelievably faster.