Smart trainers without power floors?

I’ve been using the Elite Direto for the last season and its worked really well. I was using a 55/42 chainring setup on the TT bike and ERG mode worked well in the 42+middle of the cassette.

However, since then I’ve changed to a 1x58T chainring up front and the Direto can’t reasonably adjust power in erg mode (a known issue with its power floor).

I was wondering if there are any trainers out there that would be more appropriate? I believe the Tacx Neo and Wahoo Kickr don’t have power floors, what about the Core?


The CycleOps Hammer / H2 are good in my experience (along with my Kickr17 and Neo 2 that you already mentioned).

I suspect the Elite Drivo might be good too, but have no experience with it.

This opens the door for a question about manufacturers covering this issue in specs and possible confirmation via the web testers too.

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