Smart Trainer that works with 110mm dropouts on a single-speed?

This may be an absurd requirement, but my bike is in the shop for an extended period of time because of the parts shortage. I have a Fuji Feather that I use to commute, and I am looking for a smart trainer that I could use that on whenever the road bike is not available. I have a similar single-speed on another continent, so if I could travel with the trainer all the better.

But I have yet to find anything that can accommodate 110mm dropout spacing… The exception is the stac zero, but the fliiiight is out of stock and has been forever… Also, I have a stac zero and that travels fine, though it’s power meter broke on the first flight. :slight_smile:

Elite Nero Smart?

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I considered them but there are a couple of things that concern me: (1) some of the reports on this forum suggest that you still basically need to use shifting in ERG mode to hit your targets and (2) the few reviews I have read don’t fill me with confidence that these perform well to do vo2max and up. Other than that, I love the idea, I wish there were good smart rollers!

EDIT: After reading some more, I decided to just give it a go and so far, those problems have been confirmed. However, I got around that by controlling the resistance manually on my Garmin.